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In MintiCity, kids learn German online just like their native language. Discover now the #1 language learning tool for children between 5 and 9 years.


German for kids

Looking for the best way to learn German for kids? Welcome to MintiCity: German for Kids! Whether on a tablet, mobile phone or computer: Here kids can learn German online on their own. With our parent guides (available in different languages!) you are perfectly equipped to support your child on an extraordinary learning journey.

Multilingual video guides for parents

Are you a parent looking for the perfect language learning tool for your kids? With MintiCity, kids learn German effortlessly while parents easily promote their progress. In fact, our early childhood education experts designed multilingual video guides and scripts for parents so they can support their children the right way. Below, you can see if a parent guide is currently available in your language.


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Plans & Pricing Options

Children can easily learn German online on MintiCity – the e-learning platform with no limits. There are 4 versions of the platform, currently only Kids Mini and Maxi available for individual subscriptions. You can choose your plan below and learn as much as you want within the selected period – on all your devices. No obligation, no automatic renewal. At the end of the period, the user’s access authorisation can be renewed by purchasing a new subscription.

Free Trial

    • Duration of use: 7 days
    • Free of charge
    • Mini & Maxi versions
    • 1 child account
    • parent guide in one chosen language
    • printable materials

Self-Study: Monthly

    • Duration of use: 1 month
    • 19.99€ / month
    • Mini & Maxi versions
    • 1 child account
    • parent guide in one chosen language
    • printable materials

Self-Study: Yearly

    • Duration of use: 12 months
    • 99€ / year
    • Mini & Maxi versions
    • 1 child account
    • parent guide in one chosen language
    • printable materials

School Subscription

    • Duration of use: 1 year
    • Worksheet generator
    • Game management
    • Integrated LMS
    • Teacher training
    • Teacher support
    • Teacher pool

Versions and Age Groups

Children can easily learn German online on MintiCity – the e-learning platform with no limits. MintiCity transforms German lessons for kids and teens. There are 4 versions of the platform, currently only Kids Mini and Maxi available for individual subscriptions.

Kids 5-9

School or parent subscription

2 Versions: Mini (3-5) & Maxi (4-8)

LMS for Schools

Parent Guide Videos

Teacher Training

More on Kids:

Developed by early education experts, the 100% interactive language course for kids aged 5 and up is designed to be age-appropriate and has been tested by thousands of children. Thanks to the integrated parent guide, you can perfectly support your child in learning German like a native language.

Junior 9-12

School subscription only

Teacher Pool

Integrated LMS

Teacher Support

Teacher Training

More on Junior:

MintiCity Junior accelerates foreign or second language development in children through a series of age-appropriate games. Thanks to interactive German exercises with stories, songs, pictures and videos, MintiCity intuitively builds listening, reading and writing skills in primary school children. Children are thus  motivated to reach individual milestones.


School subscription only

Teacher Pool

Integrated LMS

Teacher Support

Teacher Training

More on Teenage:

Like any other subject, teens learn German better when they face a series of interconnected challenges and explore possibilities. Built on the foundation of gamification, MintiCity fascinates and challenges developing brains. Structured on the basis of CEFR, MintiCity Teenage not only develops exceptional language skills, but also prepares students for proficiency exams such as Telc, Zertifikat Deutsch or TestDaF.





Technical Support

E-mail: contact@minticity.de

WhatsApp: +49 178 728 32 44

Office Hours: Mon. – Fri. 10:00 – 19:00

Address: Torstr. 125, 10119 Berlin

What Educators Say

” I see the huge effect that this system has on pupils, in that they learn German faster and more enthusiastically with it. Children do not find learning fun, but they like playing. And the secret of MintiCity is this connection – learning through playing.” A video report from Justus-von-Liebig-Schule Mannheim, Germany.

Prof. Franz Egle

“As a teacher, I am very happy to have access to such an interactive software which is great fun for my pupils. They review everything at home and learn German with great motivation and pleasure. Through this motivation, they end up learning much more at home by using MintiCity independently.” Büyük Kolej

Senay Yildiz

” Thanks to MintiCity, our pupils could review everything we learned in class in a fun way. We did not even need to remind them to do so. In addition, MintiCity provided our teachers with attractive supplementary activities to use in the classroom. We are very satisfied with MintiCity and will use it next year again.” Cakabey Schools

Aylin Uckan

The best way to learn German

Developed by DAS Akademie, MintiCity is the best online German language course for children from 5 to 17 years old. Built on the premise of gamification, it’s multi-media content is entirely tailored to the needs of young German learners. Our close cooperation with K-12 teachers resulted in the most comprehensive learning management features for the platform.

MintiCity is more than just a digital tool to learn German online; it is a vibrant world in which learners can plunge deeply and have fun while learning in an immersive and supportive environment. Our goal? Make digital learning a possibility for any child in the world. Now, every child can hear native German language at home, learn all skills in a playful way and start speaking German.

Whether your 5-year-old needs to expand his German vocabulary through play, your school child needs help with homework, or your teenager wants to prepare for a German exam: MintiCity covers everything. It transforms German lessons into a talk-show, a journey back in time or an adventure in a new city. Kids learn German independently through mastering challenges and reaching milestones. With MintiCity, you give your child the opportunity to learn German through play on any device from PC to cell phone.

Learning German online has never been easier for kids. What are you waiting for? Invite your child on a trip to MintiCity and be amazed at how much fun they can have learning German.

Interactive Textbook

In MintiCity, kids learn German with animated and interactive textbooks which captivate all senses. The more senses an activity engages, the more sustainable the learning. This is the reason why Minticity provides interactive and diverse content such as songs, animations, exercises and games. Exciting and engaging content makes impressions consciously as well as subconsciously, resulting in both active and passive learning, which are both necessary components of successful language acquisition.

Grammar Tutorials

People often have the impression that learning grammar is the hardest part of mastering the German language. However, with our grammar tutorials, learners can visualise the rules and make clear sense of the logic behind them. Clear explanations and creative examples embellish the context. The videos can prompt lively discussions in the classroom, whether in-person or virtual.

Gamification at its best

The whole concept is based on gamification. Learners can create their own avatar and create their own room or city, all the while learning German. As they complete homework assignments and play learning games, they earn Mintos which is the digital currency of MintiCity. With Mintos, they can change their avatar, furnish their room or build a new building. The system will always dictate the vocabulary for the items they purchase in the MintiShop.

Integrated LMS

The integrated LMS (Learning Management System) checks homework automatically to save time for teachers. Detailed reports give teachers and principles insight into areas of development. Thus, children can learn German with the guidance of their teachers, in line with their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

Mobile Friendly

You do not need to download or install software or an app for learning German in MintiCity. Whether on a tablet or a smartphone, all you need is internet access. In this way, children can spend their free time learning German in any environment.

Technology in the Classroom

MintiCity is compatible with all smartboards and has proven itself as a blended learning solution at schools. Blended learning is an innovative method in which digital channels enrich face-to-face education. Between classroom sessions, pupils can continue learning online under the guidance of their teacher. With MintiCity, teachers can create and assign motivating self-study modules, worksheets, games and homework in just a few seconds. They can also integrate the content in video conferencing sessions on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

Contact us

Contact MintiCity, a service of DAS Akademie – Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen, and request a free and non-binding presentation. Our team will gladly offer you a free consultation and product presentation. We will be more than happy to help you! For existing users, we recommend our Technical Support.

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