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About Us? was developed by DAS Akademie, the Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen (German Academy of Languages). For almost 20 years, the DAS family of teachers, designers, IT professionals, researchers and administrative staff has dedicated itself to improving the teaching of languages. Through we offer you boundless opportunities and invite you to join us on the wonderful journey that is discovering the German language.

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What is Minticity?

Minticity is an online learning platform for anyone interested in studying German. Minticity invites users of many age groups to enter a virtual world where they can actively engage in learning German through a series of interactive tools and modules in a fun environment. Learning German thus becomes as easy as child’s play!

  • educational
  • lots of fun
  • easy to use
  • affordable

A Special Method

What Minticity offers:

Interactive education

Students play an active role in their own education.

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

All levels follow the guidelines of the CEFR.

Unlimited access – 24/7

Log on to Minticity any time, any day, anywhere in the world. All you need is the Internet.

Homework module

Use the homework module and its associated tools immediately.

Have fun while you learn!

This motto underpins everything we do, including our teaching method and philosophy.

Working with the teacher

Teachers stay in charge of their students’ education. Minticity provides the tools that help them guide their students’ learning process.


Minticity won’t break the bank!


The simple and accessible surface makes it easy to use.

Visually engaging

All content is visually supported by images, which makes remembering new things easier.

A special method

Minticity teaches and trains all aspects of the German language: reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar.

Compatible with smartboards

Minticity can be used in conjunction with interactive white-boards (smartboards).


Thousands of words made available in three languages.

Immediate performance review

Both teachers and students can chart their progress and measure their success through a graphic display they can access at any time.

Minticity: For Everyone For students – a world full of German. For teachers – the unique opportunity to follow and measure the success of their teaching. For parents – reassurance their children are learning. For schools – a guarantor of quality.

For students – a world full of German.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Minticity!
Got a question about the German language? Want to improve your language skills fast and have fun while doing so? No problem! is your one-stop-shop that gives you 24/7 access to a world full of German. You no longer need to search the Internet to find the right answer – Minticity has everything you need, all in one place! So, step inside the world of Minticity and discover how exciting it is to learn German!

For teachers -the unique opportunity to follow and measure the success of their teaching

Minticity is suitable for various age groups and all levels of German students. It provides an immersive learning environment that centres on the students. It was conceived with DAS Akademie’s motto of having fun while learning in mind. Minticity’s tools and applications have been developed to fit in with the school curriculum. They allow you to create lessons that appeal to a diverse range of student needs and abilities within the same class. Moreover, Minticity greatly increases students’ motivation to study, which makes your teaching easier, more fun and ultimately more successful!

For parents – reassurance their children are learning.

Minticity is an interactive online learning platform for students studying the German language. Suitable for kids and teens from Year 3 onwards, Minticity offers your child the chance to study German all the way from beginner to advanced level. On their journey through the world of Minticity, your child will discover many exciting and fascinating things. These will leave a lasting impression, which will make learning German all the more fun! All learning applications and modules are supported by images and sounds, thus training all aspects of the language: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar.

For schools -a guarantor of quality.

Almost every respectable private school in Turkey that offers German as part of their curriculum is using Minticity. Thus, these schools are meeting the expectations of their students and parents, who demand a high-quality and diverse all-round education. One of the many benefits we have been able to observe at schools that use Minticity is an overall increase in the motivation of the teaching staff. As a result, overall performance and quality of teaching has increased greatly. This subsequently led to markedly improved communication between students, teachers, parents and the school.

A Magic Word : Gamification, one of the best applications worldwide in the area of gamification, promises its users a perfect mixture of gamification mechanisms, dynamics, elements and components."Learning should be fun" is the philosophy at the centre of the education offered on the portal. As such, the results will be long lasting and a much faster learning process will be achieved through the internalisation of the German language. – your new address for fun and secure online shopping!

Our mascot Minti has carefully chosen a wide range of great Minticity products for you to buy and call your own. From pens to posters, bed linen to books, caps to clocks – all products are exclusive to, are of the highest quality and reasonably priced, and are offered under the reliable global brand of DAS Akademie.

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