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In MintiCity, kids learn German online just like their native language. Discover now the #1 language learning tool for children between 5 and 9 years.


Let your children learn German online

Looking for the best way for your kids to learn German? Welcome to MintiCity Kids! Whether on a tablet, mobile phone or computer: Here children can learn German online on their own. With our parent guides (available in different languages!) you are perfectly equipped to support your child on an extraordinary learning journey.


Versions & Age Groups

Children can easily learn German online on MintiCity – the e-learning platform with no limits. MintiCity transforms German lessons for kids and teens. There are 4 versions of the platform, currently only Kids Mini and Maxi available for individual subscriptions.

online German learning platform

Kids 5-9

School or parent subscription

2 Versions: Mini (3-5) & Maxi (4-8)

Integrated LMS for Schools

Integrated Parental Guide Videos

Teacher Training

e-learning German

Junior 9-12

School subscription only

Integrated LMS

Teacher Support

Teacher Pool

Teacher Training

kids & teens

Teenage 13-17

School subscription only

Integrated LMS

Teacher Support

Teacher Pool

Teacher Training


Learn German online through play

Learning German online has never been easier for kids. Whether your 5-year-old needs to expand his German vocabulary through play, your school child needs help with homework, or your teenager wants to prepare for a German test: MintiCity covers everything. MintiCity transforms German lessons into a talk-show, a journey back in time or an adventure in a new city. Kids learn German independently through mastering challenges and reaching milestones. Invite your child on a trip to MintiCity and be amazed at how much fun they can have learning German.

✔ Immersive

Immersive German exercises for kids & teens

✔ 4 versions

✔ Audiovisual

✔ with LMS

Comprehensive & easy to use LMS for teachers and parents


Worksheet generator, automated homework & exam checks

How quickly can children learn German online?

Talk to our MintiCity experts today and clarify all open questions directly – in German, English, French or Turkish!



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Shaping the Future of Language Education

Developed by DAS Akademie, MintiCity is the best online German language course for children from 5 to 17 years old. Your kids will hear native German language at home, learn all skills in a playful way and get in touch with young German learners from all over the world. With immediate feedback, your child will learn German grammar and vocabulary independently.

Learn German online

MintiCity Kids Self-Study

Parents too can become excellent German tutors for children with MintiKids. See how by visiting the dedicated page or by taking a free trial.


The best way to learn German


Interactive Textbook

Animated and interactive textbooks in all versions (Kids, Junior and Teens).


Learning Games

The whole concept is based on gamification. Learning German online has never been more fun.


Based on CEFR

Trains all skills in line with the CEFR: Listening, reading, writing and speaking.

multi-channel learning

Multi-Channel Learning

The more senses are involved, the better you learn. See, read, listen and do it yourself.

mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

You do not need to download or install software or an app for learning German.


Budget Friendly

As the only complete German training software online, MintiCity is very affordable.


What Educators Say

”I see the huge effect that this system has on pupils, in that they learn German faster and more enthusiastically with it. Children do not find learning fun, but they like playing. And the secret of MintiCity is this connection – learning through playing.” A video report from Justus-von-Liebig-Schule Mannheim, Germany.

Prof. Franz Egle

Director, DTI Mannheim

“As a German teacher, I am very happy to have access to such an interactive software which is great fun for my pupils. They review everything at home and learn German with great motivation and pleasure. Through this motivation, they end up learning much more at home by using MintiCity independently. ”

Senay Yildiz

German Teacher, Büyük Kolej

“Thanks to Minticity, our pupils could review everything we learned in class in a fun way. We did not even need to remind them to do so. In addition, MintiCity provided our teachers with attractive supplementary activities to use in the classroom. We are very satisified with Minticity and will use it next year again.”

Aylin Uckan

Head of Languages, Cakabey Schools

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