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MintiCity: German for Kids & Teens

Learn German online on the e-learning platform with no limits. MintiCity transforms German lessons for kids and teens.

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Immerse learners in the German language.

MintiCity immerses its users into German. Hear, read, write and get to think in the German language. As pupils learn German online, MintiCity engages and activates all senses through images, videos, music and audio clips for lasting results.

Spiel und Spass


Learn German through play.

MintiCity transforms your lessons into a talk-show, a journey back in time or an adventure in a new city. Kids learn German  independently, through mastering challenges and reaching milestones. Teachers can create their own games through the game management function.



German learning personalized.

MintiCity features like game management and module management enable teachers to assign personalized teaching content and exercises to German learners. The pupils learn German online at their own speed and in line with their own development needs.

DaF teachers

Why german teachers love Minti

German learning program MintiCity is a great tool for German teachers. Prepare interactive german lessons and monitor students progress with LMS and check the homework of an entire class in just a few clicks. MintiCity is a great solution for distance learning and schools with German as second or third foreign language.


DaF learners

Why kids & teens love Minti

Children love Minti. Minti is their German speaking friend. By playing interactively, they learn German. Learning is rewarded and mistakes are welcome, because Minti gives immediate feedback. Through gamification and competition, learning German becomes fun. Kids learn German with MintiCity because they love it.


Learn German online at school

Why parents choose MintiCity

MintiCity is the best online german language course for children from 4 to 16. Your kids will hear native German language at home, learn all skills in a playful way and get in touch with young German learners from all over the world. With immediate feedback, your child will learn German grammar and vocabulary independently.

Learning German online

Why schools choose MintiCity

Currently, 290 schools use MintiCity in their German lessons. They benefit from enormous savings on time, no paperwork, an integrated textbook and free teacher training. Licenses can be obtained for kids with or without reading/writing skills (Kids Mini 4-6 & Kids Maxi 5-8), for younger children (Junior 9-12) and for teenagers (Teenage 13-17). All versions have age-appropriate animations and concepts.


Learn German Online with MintiCity

Lerne Deutsch online

Learn German Online with Proven Success

Being a product of over 13 years of experience, we can say without a doubt that MintiCity has been evaluated and has proven itself in practice. In those 13 years, over 300.000 pupils have learned German online with MintiCity. 90.000 users have registered for the 2020/2021 school term alone to learn German online.

Benefit from Constant Improvement

Technical opportunities change, and we experience these changes live and adapt quickly to current needs. Through the help of more than a thousand German teachers currently using MintiCity, we can respond swiftly to specific requests and suggestions for improvement. New updates become available every six months with new German short stories, German grammar videos or games to learn German. Our flexibility is one of the many advantages of MintiCity.


e-learning Deutsch


The learning habits of kids and teens have changed massively. This change bears inevitable consequences for the German lessons and German teacher training. While almost all educational institutions have the infrastructure and the hardware required to offer digitised lessons, most lack the necessary software as well as the teacher training. We created MintiCity with the desire to offer blended learning in German as a Foreign Language. MintiCity demonstrates how learning German in today’s world can work in schools and support educators from the very first step.

Interactive German Textbook

Every version (Kids, Junior and Teens) has its own animated textbook for levels A1 to B1.  Children learn German  at their own pace and receive immediate feedback. 




in line with the CEFR

All materials are in line with the CEFR: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Therefore, Minticity can be integrated into your school curriculum for German.



Teach from all devices

You do not need to download or install software or an app for learning German. You can simply log in to MintiCity and use it on a computer, tablet or a mobile device. 

Spielend Lernen


Gamification is the future of education. With MintiCity kids enjoy learning German. How do learners benefit from gamified content? Read here.

visuell lernen


The more senses are involved, the better you learn German. See, read, listen and do it yourself: Click, mark, drag, drop, sort, write, hear the pronunciation and see the correct answers immediately. 


zusammenarbeit mit Lehrern

constant improvement

In order to improve the online learning tools and the learning management system, we implement school specific requirements, introduce new functions, and develop new feedback mechanisms.

smart board

Compatible with Smartboards

In schools without computer labs, the online learning tool can be projected onto a wall, smartboard or whiteboard. German teachers can show videos or facilitate group games like “Who wants to be a millionaire?”



24 years of experience in teaching German

 MintiCity has been created by DAS Akademie. In order to enable young German learners to live the foreign language German, MintiCity has created a world that inspires kids & teens.



Budget Friendly

MintiCity was developed for schools that teach German as a foreign language. Licences can only be purchased by schools. Our pricing models are personalised and are based on the needs of the school.


What our teachers say

active using pupils

Active using teachers

Variety in content

Homework assignments

MINTOS spent

” I see the huge effect that this system has on pupils, in that they learn German faster and more enthusiastically with it. Children do not find learning fun, but they like playing. And the secret of MintiCity is this connection – learning through playing.A video report from Justus-von-Liebig-Schule Mannheim, Germany.

Prof.Dr. Franz Egle, Vorstand DTI Mannheim

“We have been using Minticity for 2 years. As a German teacher, I am very happy to have access to such an interactive software which is great fun for my pupils. They review everything at home and learn German with great motivation and pleasure. Through this motivation, they independently research any topic that was not clear to them within Minticity and end up learning much more. As Büyük Kolej, we are very happy to have Minticity. We are having fun while learning German and we love Minticity.”

büyük kolej  Senay Yildiz, German Teacher – Büyük Kolej

“Thanks to Minticity, our pupils could review everything we learned in class in a fun way. We did not even need to remind them to do so. In addition, this online platform provided our teachers with attractive supplementary activities to use in the classroom. As the German Language Department of Cakabey Schools, we are very satisified with Minticity and we will continue using it next year.”

cakabey  Aylin Uckan, Head of German Language Dept. – Cakabey Schulen

What is MintiCity: Deutsch für Kinder?

MintiCity is an online learning platform for German as a foreign language and German as a second language to kids and teenagers. The learning platform is available in four versions: Kids Mini is for learners aged 4 to 6 without reading/writing skills, Kids Maxi is for learners aged 6 to 8 with reading/writing skills, Junior is aimed at German learners aged 9 to 12 and Teenage is designed for 13 to 17 year old German learners.

I would like to use MintiCity in my german classes. What should I do?

1. Contact us and we will offer a free webinar to you or your school management. Our team offers MintiCity training in German, English, Russian and Spanish.

2. After your school has acquired the licenses, you will receive the access details to the online learning platform. With a school license, each teacher is given their own access. As a teacher, you can easily manage your german classes with LMS integrated into the platform.

3. Teachers can create the user profiles for their pupils. To do this, simply enter the names into the dedicated page and save them. You will then receive the log in details which you can forward to your pupils. Our hotline is at your disposal for all questions.

Who can use MintiCity?

In its current form, the Minticity learning portal can be used effectively by all students from 1st grade up until the end of high school at all levels. We are still working on software for all other age groups. Online German courses for adults are offered by our language school DAS AKADEMIE in Berlin.

What kind of support do you offer to the users of MintiCity?

The MintiCity team offers free teacher training to all German teachers, whose school has chosen to use learning platform for German MintiCity. We visit your school in person or offer a series of webinars. There is also a MintiCity hotline in four languages: ​​German, English, Russian and Spanish.

Can I purchase an individual license?

Minticity is available on “school and class level” and can therefore only be purchased collectively by schools. The licence is valid for 365 days after its purchase.

Why should I choose Minticity over another online German training tool?

Minticity is a constantly updated tool to learn German online. Our worldwide unique teaching method appeals to young German learners on all levels. Minticity has proven itself as a highly effective tool for German teachers in the past 13 years.  For more information, please contact our team.

Any Questions? We are happy to help.

Please contact us for more information. Our team will gladly offer you a free consultation and product presentation.


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