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Germany’s leading language centre DAS Akademie – Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen created MintiCity. Cutting-edge and unique worldwide, MintiCity equips teachers and schools with digital content and tools crafted for German language education in the 21st century.


MintiCity by DAS Akademie

Flipped classroom,blended learning, or augmented education: MintiCity shapes the future of language acquisition.

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DAS Akademie, Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen, started teaching German as a foreign language to kids and teens 23 years ago. Since then, we have helped 60,000 students of all ages and nationalities interactively and creatively learn German. Along the way, we have created new tools and techniques for experiential language education. For the past 13 years, we have been developing MintiCity German for schools as a blended learning solution. Built on the premise of gamification, MintiCity’s multi-media content is entirely tailored to the needs of young learners. Our close cooperation with K-12 teachers has led us to develop our own comprehensive learning management features for the platform. MintiCity is more than just a digital tool to learn German online; it is a vibrant world in which learners can plunge deeply and have fun while learning in an immersive and supportive environment. Our goal? Make digital learning a possibility for any child in the world.

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Digital Revolution in Teaching German 

The pace of technological innovation is nearly exponential. Everyone speaks of a digital revolution and the use of new technology in schools. Classes are to be innovative and student-centered. Digital learning is, and will increasingly become, an integral part of education as we know it. Now more than ever, in a time where online learning is essential, MintiCity offers the integrated, interactive, and creative solution for learning German as a foreign language. Better yet, we are consistently working on the platform to ensure that it develops as fast as the rest of the digital world.

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What Teachers Say:

“MintiCity provides my pupils with an immersive online platform to learn German collaboratively. I can easily assign my class multi-media modules and continiously support their development.”

Gamification at its best: Learn German online through play.