Flipped Classroom Method

Designed to support the flipped classroom method, MintiCity motivates pupils to learn German at home. This is to offer them the opportunity to focus on the German language and to prepare for their next lesson at school. Consequently, they spend valuable time in the classroom applying their knowledge. What are you waiting for? Become the teacher of the future with MintiCity.

flipped classroom

Flipped Classroom for German Learners

Proven as an effective blended learning strategy to induce a faster learning curve, the principle of the Flipped Classroom places emphasis on independence in language acquisition.

Flipped Classroom - German Online

MintiCity introduces concepts to students at home, which allows teachers to spend class time focusing on the application of learned skills. Rather than sending students home with exercises to practice what they’ve learned in class, students do some of the heavy-lifting at home, resulting in a more effective support system in person.

As pupils have prepared for lessons in advance, learners enter the classroom with an established foundation and have the opportunity to actively ask questions which benefit the whole group. Class time is vibrant, conversational, interactive, and most of all: fun. The classroom becomes a playground when students enter with knowledge acquired at home. Teachers can use this opportunity to plan creative and collective speaking exercises as well as games which engage all senses.

Keep in mind that children are more likely to remain interested and focused when the lesson requires them to be active. The best way to do this is to encourage them to use more than one of their senses. Children are curious and want to discover new things by interacting with the world that surrounds them. The best part: MintiCity German for schools is easy to implement.

Collaboration in German Classes

When students are introduced to new concepts in the comfort of their home, they make associations to their personal environment. To be efficient in their learning process, the kids have to trust their resources and to be able recognise that they will have fun using them. In this way, they can spend exactly as much time as they need to grasp the content. Though teachers assign modules and guide the rhythm of the group, students can decide how much time they want to spend delving into each module through our game functions. Learners who may need a bit of extra repetition can view the content as much as they want; the fear of leaving a student behind or boring expedient learners never arises.

Group time in the classroom effectively allows synthesis of new information through cooperation and collaboration. Teachers can plan engaging group activities rather than lecturing or going tediously over homework assignments. Being a German teacher has never been easier!


LMS for German

What Teachers Say:

“The worksheet management tool and marking feature give teachers an invaluable insight into the pupils’ strengths and weaknesses. In this way, teachers can identify students’ problem. When we combine the digital facts with our observations on their performance in class, we can cater content to their needs.”

Gamification at its best: Learn German online through play.