Gamification at its best

Gamification not only entertains, but also motivates. Just like Mary Poppins said: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP! The job’s a game.” Young learners are used to playing games, that’s why MintiCity teaches German through play.

Gamification for German Learners

Gamification for German as a Foreign Language

Designed by a world class team of educators at DAS Akademie, MintiCity shapes the future of language learning.

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Gamification works effectively regardless of age and guarantees success in learning German for schools. Therefore, countless grammar and vocabulary training games are an integral part of MintiCity. Although the entire concept is built upon gamification, MintiCity is not just about play. In fact, pedagogically thought-out structures and techniques enhance the learning progress of each pupil in the classroom. Teachers can assign games as part of  homework or play group games during the class. Moreover, they can change existing games through our game management function and adjust the content.

Digital Games to Learn German Online

In order to achieve the best learning outcomes, we use game mechanics such as collecting points, reaching different levels, accepting challenges, completing tasks, and receiving rewards to make learning German fun. MintiCity even has its own local currency, Mintos. Learners can earn Mintos by playing games, solving problems or working on an assignment, which can be exchanged for objects for one’s own avatar in the MintiShop, to further incentivize learning. As a matter of fact, MintiCity is full of educational games to teach German in the classroom or online.

Game-based learning

Game-Based Learning

MintiCity offers a diverse range of exciting, colorful and imaginative educational games that appeal to multiple senses simultaneously.

Game Elements

Game Elements

Game elements are an integral part of MintiBook, the virtual course book embedded on the platform. The entire book includes game elements.

Digital Games

Digital Games

German learners earn Mintos by completing exercises, as well as by playing educational games. Knowledge is rewarded, which increases motivation.

German Games from the Experts

Educational gamification increases focus and facilitates informal learning. However, game-like elements are not the only key to our success. Experienced teachers of German as a Foreign Language (DaF) created MintiCity. Not only have they had many years of teaching German in the “real” world, but they have also been actively engaged in the fields of linguistics, language education, and e-learning pedagogy. During the early stages of the platform’s  development, renowned linguistics professor and academic Dr . Ulrich Steinmüller supported the MintiTeam. Today, the MintiTeam is comprised of experienced DaF teachers, linguists, graphic designers and software specialists, who are all  committed to MintiCity ’s ongoing development and growth.

Multiplayer Games

Mint-o-lympics: Gamification is Rewarding

Gamification works best in collaborative learning models and some rewards are tangible. At regular intervals, MintiCity users take part in the Mint-O- Lympics, where pupils are rewarded for their enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity. Indeed, they win real prizes, which they receive from the MintiCity team via their teacher. They automatically enter the Mint-O-Lympics if they have completed all homework assignments, used the MintiBook effectively, played MintiCity ’s educational games, and worked through all the different MintiCity sections. The MintiCity system analyzes the results, and the winners are drawn by the system automatically from the most successful users .

What Teachers Say:

“When teaching German online, I used to spend hours to find age relevant games. MintiCity changed everything. Now, I can  run tons of fun games on any videoconferencing software with just a few clicks. Yet, the amazement and the joy of my class tops it all.”

Gamification at its best: Learn German online through play.