The best way to learn German for children

Blended Learning

MintiCity Junior: Learning German for children

No matter when or where, MintiCity is the best online tool for learning German for children aged 9-12 (Junior).

Learning German for Children, Gamified

Children learn German, like everything else, through play. Based on the premise of gamification, MintiKids sparks creativity and awakens a passion for learning.


Learning German for children, gamified! MintiCity Junior accelerates foreign or second language development in children through a series of age-appropriate games. Thanks to interactive German exercises with stories, songs, pictures and videos, MintiCity intuitively builds listening, reading and writing skills in primary school children. Children are motivated to reach milestones in order to unlock new challenges. In this way, learning German becomes a highly rewarding experience for children. MintiCity supports blended learning and flipped classroom methods. Teachers can not only assign tasks but also track the progress of each child in the class thanks to the integrated learning management system. Thus, children can learn German with the guidance of their teachers, in line with their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

Learning German through play

To meet the needs of young learners, MintiCity uses game mechanics such as reaching milestones, accepting challenges and getting rewards. MintiCity is full of learning games that help children express their imagination and discover the German language while having fun.

Spiel und Spass

Educational games

MintKids has countless exciting, colourful and imaginative educational games that appeal to several senses at once.

Deutschlernen für Kinder

Creative elements

Creative elements such as colouring activities help pupils to learn the vocabulary of shapes and colours in a playful way.

Learn German with Songs

Children's songs

MintiKids addresses both visual and auditory channels. Listening to German children’s songs facilitates language acquisition.

Learn German successfully

MintiCity’s digital offerings support the analogue learning process and seamlessly connect both worlds. This creates an attractive synergy that increases children’s motivation and thus their success in learning German grammar and vocabulary. Children can access the platform anytime, anywhere to learn German in a lively online atmosphere. Through our commitment to personalised learning, we bridge the gap between the world of language learning and the sensory experience. Simplifying the learning process through immersion is the key to our proven success.

Deutschlernen für Kinder
Game Elements
Deutschlernen für Kinder
Deutschlernen für Kinder

Immersive German lessons for children

MintiCity is immersive, interactive, individual and can be used anytime, anywhere. Whether on a tablet or a smartphone, all you need is internet access to learn German. Thus, the platform supports the flipped classroom approach and maximises learning in and outside the physical premises of the school. In this way, primary school children spend their free time learning German in an environment they love. Teachers and parents couldn’t be happier! What are you waiting for? Getting started with MintiCity is easy. Just contact us and let our team answer any questions you might have.

What Teachers say:

“Getting 10-year-olds to focus on learning German has never been easier. Even though the children play MintiCity like a game, they can apply the material they have learned effortlessly.”

Gamification at its best: learning German online through play.