German for Schools

More than just a digital platform to teach German for schools, MintiCity is a super learning tool with age specific versions for kids and teens aged 5-17. Now, German teachers can create cutting edge lessons with just a few clicks. Moreover, pupils can learn German in line with the CEFR, anytime and anywhere.

German for Schools

Digital Learning for Schools

 German for schools: at home or in the classroom, on any mobile device, computer or smartboard! Powered with gamification, MintiCity motivates children to learn German.


MintiCity contains a wide variety of tools which make it easier for schools to offer creative German lessons and homework assignments. Homework is an integral part of learning, as it encourages learned knowledge to absorb outside the classroom. However, marking assignments can be a consuming task. MintiCity solves this problem with an automised marking function. Time which would have been  spent marking can then be used creatively in the classroom. All ideas can be discussed and optimised on MintiCity’s online community. MintiCity offers teachers a variety of features that allows them to create modules, worksheets and games in just a few seconds. They can then choose to print off the worksheets and hand them out in class, or to email them to their students.

Made for German Teachers

MintiCity is an all-rounder for German teachers. Thanks to its powerful worksheet generator, teachers can prepare lessons and check the homework of an entire class in just a few clicks. Through the integrated LMS, they can manage the performance of their pupils with the option to focus on individual needs and to ensure the development of the whole class.

Digital Games


The whole platform is built upon the premise of gamification. Moreover, teachers can create their own games.

Game Elements

Digital Textbook

Teachers can adjust the modular structure of the integrated textbook.  Besides, every module is audio-visual.

Multiplayer Games

Learn Collaboratively

Multiplayer games can be played in the classroom as a group to encourage and support collaborative learning.

Success in German for Schools

The world’s most forward looking schools use MintiCity in their German classes, because they know that children are, by nature, creative and curious. MyMinti, the account for the pupils on the platform, invites and fosters the innate creativity and curiosity of children. In a gist,  the platform offers imaginative, exciting and entertaining German exercises, as well as educational games on a diverse range of topics. Learners can see the grammar tutorials as many times as they need and repeat exercises as often as they wish. Thus, they are given the chance to grasp grammatical structures and new vocabulary at an individualized pace in an entertaining way.

Teach German Online at School
german for schools-gamification

Teach German through Play

In MyMinti, students are not only able to access their assignments and games, but can also create their very own avatar, with which they explore the wonderful world of MintiCity. Each student has an avatar, for which they can choose the visual characteristics. As a result, MintiCity is inhabited by thousands of unique characters! Each user is also given their own virtual room to decorate and equip as they wish. Like any modern city, MintiCity has its own currency: Mintos. Mintos are highly sought after, because they allow students to go shopping at the MintiShop, so they can creatively clothe and accessorize their avatars, or furnish their virtual homes. They can even build their own city within MintiCity. The more Mintos they earn, the wider selection of items they have to express themselves creatively. The possibilities are endless!

What Teachers Say:

“I have yet to see a more comprehensive digital learning platform for German as a Foreign Language. I use it to teach German in the classroom or on videoconferencing sessions. The best part is that MintiCity grades homework or exams for me.”

Gamification at its best: Learn German online through play.