The best way to learn German for teens

German for teenagers

Teens love learning German with MintiCity

MintiCity immerses teenagers not only into the German language, but also into an exciting world of adventure.

Digital Learning for Teens

German for teens: interactive, immersive and gamified! Like any other subject, teens learn German better when they face a series of interconnected challenges and explore possibilities. Built on the foundation of gamification, MintiCity fascinates and challenges developing brains to cultivate new skills.

Online German Exercises for Teenagers

More than just a digital textbook, MintiCity is the most comprehensive multi-channel learning platform for German learners and teachers of German. Structured on the basis of CEFR, MintiCity Teenage not only develops exceptional language skills, but also prepares students for proficiency exams such as Telc, Zertifikat Deutsch or TestDaF. Although MintiCity is a digital source, it does not compromise face to face lessons; the virtual world of MintiCity complements the “real world” classroom. Various challenges increase motivation and consequently, success in learning grammar and vocabulary. Through the integrated Learning Management System (LMS), Teachers can create cutting-edge modules capturing the 21st century Zeitgeist.

MintiCity for Young Learners of German

In order to capture the attention of young learners, MintiCity German for Teens utilises game mechanics. In fact, MintiCity includes many educational games which immerse teens into a new world.


teenage learning games


MintiCity’s interactive world enables casual play and seamless reinforcement of learned structures.


Digital Textbook

The modular structure of the integrated textbook is easy to follow, multi-channel and story- driven.

Learn German with Songs

Interactive Exercises

MintiCity Teenage appeals to both visual and auditory channels. Each unit offers interactive exercises.

Success in German for Teens

The MintiBook German for Teens can be used inside as well as outside of the “real” classroom. At the beginning, the students meet the book’s protagonists, Timo and Klara, who accompany them through each unit and provide them with a sense of familiarity and continuity. Furthermore, each unit introduces new grammatical structures and vocabulary, alongside teen-relevant real-life situations. At the end of each unit, learners can practice and consolidate their knowledge through various interactive exercises. Moreover, teachers can also prepare and assign attractive tasks through worksheets with songs, excerpts from movies or books. Learning German for teens has never been easier.

Learn German online for teens
German for teens online

Immersive German Classes 

Learners can create their own avatar and create their own room or city, all the while learning German. As they complete homework assignments and play learning games, they earn Mintos which is the digital currency of MintiCity. With Mintos, they can change their avatar, furnish their room or build a new building.  The system will always dictate the vocabulary for the items they purchase in the MintiShop.

MintiCity German for Teens includes a wide range of audio-visual teaching materials which aid teachers in the creation of vibrant and effective lessons. The progress is fast, even if the students have only few contact hours per week. The homework assignment features make teachers’ lives easier. Because in the world of MintiCity everything is geared towards the needs of teenagers, success is guaranteed.


What Teachers Say:

“Relevance and consistency is key to ensuring success in teaching German for teens. MintiCity Teenage provides my pupils with a fun platform to continue learning at home”

Gamification at its best: Learn German online through play.