German Grammar Tutorials

Though based on the principle of gamification, MintiCity offers a large selection of German grammar tutorials for traditional learning. Here, teachers and pupils can easily find videos that visually explain German grammar rules.

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Grammar Tutorials for German as a Foreign Language

 Grammar is often perceived as dry, but MintiCity ensures a lively and engaging approach.

Online German Exercises

People often have the impression that learning grammar is the hardest part of mastering the German language. However, with our grammar tutorials, learners can visualise the rules and make clear sense of the logic behind them. Clear explanations and creative examples embellish the context. The videos can prompt lively discussions in the classroom, whether in-person or virtual. Equipped with a powerful worksheet generator and an LMS, MintiCity supports personalised learning, blended learning and immersive learning.

The German grammar videos on MintiCity make learning the four German cases easy. If a student is ever unsure when to use Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ, or Genetiv, they can access tutorials for a quick recap at any time. They can also serve for the prior learning in a flipped classroom. The grammar tutorials provide a foundation for explaining the structure of the German language to implement alongside our other interactive features like educational games and interactive worksheets.

MintiCity for Online or Classroom Sessions

Teachers can opt to use the grammar tutorials and accompanying German exercises either in the real classroom (on a projector or a smartboard). They can also integrate the content in video conferencing sessions on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. MintiCity makes it easy to coordinate and seamlessly switch between modes while keeping the energy high and continually engaging the senses. MintiCity also means that teachers can set homework from the website, and focus their attention on the short, valuable face-to-face teaching hours that they have. The teachers can therefore design their lessons based on MintiCity content, and use the various online resources we have to set appropriate homework tasks.


Learning German with MintiCity is fun!

No matter whether a class is busy engaging with grammar tutorials or playing learning games, they will never be bored with the excitement that MintiCity guarantees. Learning German grammar has never been so vibrant. And better yet, neither teachers nor students ever have to exit MintiCity for further explanation. With MintiCity, DAS Akademie guarantees an immersive, inclusive, and self-supportive overview. No more frantically searching for grammar explanations on YouTube; you’ll find all the tools you need lining the colorful streets of MintiCity. Just pick one and display it in your next videoconferencing session, assign it as homework or show on the smart-board during class.

What Teachers Say:

“The grammar tutorials on MintiCity save me from creating Powerpoint slides for our Microsoft Teams sessions.”

Gamification at its best: Learn German online through play.