Immersive Learning for German

The Immersive learning platform MintiCity opens the door to a vibrant virtual world. Here, students engage with real experiences which enable them to discover new approaches to foreign language learning. Due to this unique opportunity to travel from the comfort of their own home, students come out of the course more motivated and ready to learn more.

Immersive Learning

Immersion for German as a Foreign Language

The digital platform MintiCity facilitates immersive learning for German as a Foreign Language.


Diving into a language isn’t always difficult, and doesn’t have to be such a challenge, but finding the right place in which to do so certainly can be. An integral part of language acquisition is an immersive environment in which to learn. As an immersive learning tool, MintiCity makes students‭ ‬think‭ ‬in the target language.‭ Instead of listening to someone teaching through talking, you will actively take part in the course and be able to adapt it to your preferred learning method. ‬A colourful combination of graphics,‭ ‬photos,‭ ‬videos,‭ ‬and audio immerses users in a world where they dive into the language and learn successfully. Although multi-language dictionaries are available on the platform, lessons are conducted in German and do not use translations within the modules.This technique makes learning exciting and efficient. You will get results faster than ever before. A full dive-in forces a mental switch; as opposed to laboriously translating word-for-word, learners begin to comprehend context in German as a whole rather than recognizing words in succession.

Digital Games to Learn German Online

MintiCity opens the door to a vibrant virtual world which students can explore in line with their own personality and preferences. We believe that to learn efficiency, the tool or resource needs to compliment the student. Once this has been achieved, it will enable your child to understand the lesson structure quickly. However, teachers can support them by assigning modules tailored to their needs.

Flipped Learning

To ensure the longevity of learned content, students engage with multi-modal content, which activates different mechanisms for remembering information. MintiCity captivates all senses in its unique virtual world. The more senses an activity engages, the more sustainable the learning. This is the reason why Minticity provides interactive and diverse content such as songs, animations, exercises and games. Exciting and engaging content makes impressions consciously as well as subconsciously, resulting in both active and passive learning, which are both necessary components of successful language acquisition. Though immersion alone often yields a powerful outcome, it is made all the more effective when it is fun. MintiCity makes learning fun, and encourages students to spend more time engaging in this digital world. Languages take time to learn, but fun and motivation beget consistency. Pupils of MintiCity will be astounded by the pace of their own successes. We are certain that your child will want to use Minticity more and more for language learning.

The team developing MintiCity is constantly working to provide not only varied but realistic and updated content. The interactive action is as unexpected and spontaneous as possible. There is always something new to discover in the world of MintiCity.


What Teachers Say:

“MintiCity makes immersive learning easy. My pupils spend their free time willingly learning German.”

Gamification at its best: Learn German online through play.