Learning Management System

Above all its superpowers, MintiCity offers the most comprehensive Learning Management System to schools and German teachers. With this state of the art software, teachers can easily track the progress of every student, and identify gaps in the learning curriculum.

Learning Management System
LMS for German

Learning management system for Schools

Learning Management Systems become increasingly widespread in K-12 education to simplify administration. Such software is designed to manage the daily operations in a school or the overall performance of the students.

Worksheet Generator for German

MintiCity’s system of homework creation, distribution and marking enables teachers to pinpoint students’ weaknesses, and allows them to prepare and adjust their lesson plan accordingly. It’s a win-win situation for both students and teachers! The worksheet generator saves time, so that teachers can create customised German exercises for pupils within minutes. The pupils start their learning journey with a few clicks and see the progress they make visually. They collect rewards along the way which provides incentives for their success and encourages further curiosity.

Finally, the biggest advantage of an effective learning management system is consistency. Our lessons are designed sop that your child learns no more than 20 words each time. This might not seem like much, but each word, sentence structure and grammar topic is repeated in fun and entertaining ways in songs and games throughout the course. Our learning management system makes sure that your child has an equal balance of each topic and all the new words, to avoid any knowledge gaps.

Learning management system for German Teachers

MintiCity is a super learning tool for German teachers. Thanks to the integrated Learning Management System, teachers can prepare cutting edge lessons and check the homework of an entire class in just a few clicks. Moreover, they can manage the performance of their pupils by focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses.


Curriculum Management

Teachers can create and assign modules in line with the requirements of their school curriculum.


Worksheet Generator

Teachers can use the integrated worksheet generator to prepare cutting edge multi-channel worksheets.

LMS_spiel management

Game Management

Teachers can modify the MintiCity learning games with their own topics, questions and grammar.

Learning management system: Measuring Progress

This learning management feature allows teachers to access statistical information regarding their students’ performance. They can see how much a student uses the MintiBook, how they fare with assignments, how performance has improved over the course of the school year, and which language level their students have achieved. Thus, teachers can follow their students’ progress, evaluate their learning process, identify areas of weakness and learning difficulties, and draw important conclusions for their lessons/curricula.

LMS_Measuring Progress
learning management system_curriculum
Learning management system: Teaching Pool

As previously mentioned, all teachers who use MintiCity become part of an active and committed online community. The teaching pool allows them to share materials with colleagues from all over the world. Not only does this save time, but also fosters international cooperation and exchange of information. New ideas and impulses are discussed and disseminated. As a result, the overall quality of teaching German as a Foreign Language in schools improves – and both teachers and students reap the benefits!

What Teachers Say:

“With MintiCity, I can create my own modules and worksheets within seconds. I can view the overall performance of my class as well as the progress of each pupil.”

Gamification at its best: Learn German online through play.