Online German Exercises

MintiCity offers German teachers many online exercises ready to use. In the section “Üben” you will find online German exercises sorted by vocabulary, grammar and level in line with the CEFR. Within a matter of seconds, you can send an exercise to your students as an extra work or integrate an exercise into your specific module.


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Online Exercises for German as a Foreign Language

The digital learning platform MintiCity utilises gamification to ensure an engaging approach to learning German.


Are you a teacher looking for online German exercises for your pupils? There are thousands of worksheets that are readily accessible for german teachers on the MintiCity platform. Here, you can either select materials which have been optimised for blended learning, or augment existing content with your own ideas. Moreover, you can also create your very own online exercises from scratch with the integrated worksheet generator. Options for exercises include reading comprehension, fill in the blanks, word drags, as well as paragraph/sentence scrambles. Such variation in activities guarantees that neither students nor teachers will tire of the structure. Better yet, teachers have access to the whole exercise pool of other teachers using MintiCity, and they can communicate with one another on the teaching pool.

Gamify Learning German with MintiCity

With MintiCity, teachers can implement a flipped classroom easily and gamify learning German – in line with the CEFR. MintiCity has hundreds of learning games which can be assigned to pupils as preparation for the class. Everything depends on your decisions. All material is made according to your own expectations and what you think the best way for your pupils to learn is. By virtue of your knowledge which should be used alongside our tool – MintiCity – your lessons will blossom with interactivity and quality. The main goal of MintiCity is to teach German to children and teenagers. Alongside this, we aim to support and accompany teachers when it comes to designing their lesson plans. Because of the variety of different aspects which MintiCity has to offer, teaching the  German language can be revolutionised in the simplest way.

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Fully Automated for Teachers of German

One of the best features for teachers on MintiCity is the automated marking function. After students complete their online German exercises or tests,‭ ‬MintiCity’s electronic assessment system marks them within seconds.‭ ‬Within seconds of completion,‭ ‬both teachers and students receive the result. Teachers can use the time they save from tedious marking on creative activities for the classroom and tailoring content for pupils’ individualised needs. Pupils can immediately see their areas of improvement and learn from immediate feedback.

Thanks to this innovative technology, you have the opportunity to organise your lessons in whatever way you find most appropriate. You will quickly notice the investment of your pupils and will be able to track their progress with a simple click of the mouse. This idea of spreading and sharing knowledge is included in our human values. Therefore, you will be able to get in touch with other teachers from all over the world and benefit from their experiences with MintiCity. There is always the oppotunity for you to understand or even pick up a few new teaching approaches for languages.

What Teachers Say:

“Among the many educational games on the platform, digital worksheets enable German learners to apply their knowledge and the teacher saves time receiving automatically corrected homework. After my school implemeted MintiCity in German classes, I never had to scan a document to send my class again.”

Gamification at its best: Learn German online through play.