Worksheet Generator for German

Thanks to our online printable worksheet generator, you will enjoy making your own worksheets and class tests. No fussing around with formatting, just fill in the fields and send to your class or print out with the logo of your school.

Worksheet Generator

Online Worksheet Generator

Worksheet generator of MintiCity enables teachers to create individual german worksheets within a matter of minutes. Moreover, German teachers can also use existing questions in MintiCity or those shared by german teachers worldwide.

Worksheet Generator for German

What is your favorite worksheet template? Fill in the blanks, bingo, word scramble, matching, a word search maker or multiple choice – we have them all! With our Learning Management System, teachers send their worksheets to their students in one click. Students then complete the assignment and MintiCity’s electronic assessment system marks it. Within seconds of completion, both teachers and students receive the result!

Creating Interactive Worksheets

As an all-rounder for German teachers, MintiCity’s worksheet generator creates worksheets to suit the needs of the individual child.  Below, are a few examples of question types you can integrate into your interactive worksheets for German grammar, vocabulary, listening or reading exercises.

German exercises

Simple Cloze Text

A cloze text is a text where certain words have been removed and students are asked to fill in the blanks. Cloze texts are an effective way to practice reading comprehension and spelling. Creating a cloze text usually takes a long time – but with MintiCity, it is quick and easy! Teachers choose a text appropriate to their students’ age and language level, and upload it to his or her personal MintiCity page. The MintiCity system analyzes the text and creates various cloze texts from which the teacher may choose. For example, the system recognizes how many prepositions, adjectives or auxiliary verbs are in the text. The teacher then forwards the chosen version to their students. Once students have completed the task and submitted their homework, the MintiCity system marks the assignment and saves the result for both teacher and student to access.

German exercises

Individual Cloze Text

This assignment coaches students’ ability to create a cohesive text. First, teachers upload their chosen text to the MintiCity system. Different than the Simple Cloze Text (see above), teachers decide which words are to be replaced by gaps, allowing them to place focus on a particular grammatical structure or certain vocabulary. Then the MintiCity system creates the individualized cloze text. Teachers send it to their students, the students complete the assignment, and the MintiCity system marks it. Once again, both teachers and students receive the result within seconds of the assignment’s completion.

German exercises

Word Drag

A favorite among all MintiCity users! In this exercise, students are presented with a cloze text (a text with gaps, or missing words) as well as a separate textbox with the missing words from the text. Using their mouse, students click-and-drag each word from the textbox into the cloze text. Once all gaps have been filled, the task is completed. It is then evaluated by the MintiCity system, and the results are published on the teacher’s and the student’s personal MintiCity page. Teachers can choose whether to have the missing words presented in the textbox at random, or in order of their correct placement.

German exercises

Paragraph or Sentence Scramble

This is a great way for teachers to test whether students have understood the syntactic structure of a paragraph or sentence. Students are presented with a sentence or paragraph where words and/or phrases have been scrambled. They are then  asked to arrange the words or sentences in the correct order – like a puzzle. Once teachers have uploaded the relevant paragraph or sentence to the MintiCity system, they can separate words and/or phrases simply by pressing “enter“ after each word/phrase. The system then shuffles the words/phrases, and teachers can forward the exercise to their students. Once again, the MintiCity system marks the assignment automatically

Skills Training through the Worksheet Generator

Reading Exercises

Besides the exercises teachers can create with the worksheet generator, the native reading section offers a great selection of German short stories, fairy tales and poems for MintiCity users of all levels. The stories have been illustrated according to the various language levels, and many of them are exclusive to MintiCity. Students can read the stories and subsequently answer a variety of questions, thus checking their level of reading comprehension. They have access to the aforementioned online dictionary throughout to look up any new or unfamiliar words and phrases.

Worksheet - Reading Exercises
Listening exercises in worksheet generator

Listening Exercises

The listening section combines reading and listening comprehension. Students can listen to a story or fairy tale and read along, as well as train their listening through dictation exercises. Students simply choose a level-appropriate exercise and listen to the pre-recorded text while typing what they hear into the textbox provided on screen. When finished, they click
on the “check” button and can immediately see the original text and any mistakes they may have made. All dictation exercises have been recorded at an appropriate speed for the chosen language level, in accordance with the rules of dictation. Pronunciation exercises are also available, so that users can practice the articulation of difficult words independently.

What Teachers Say:

“Creating worksheets with MintiCity is easier than I thought. Now, I have more time to focus on creative ideas.”

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